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Our Plastic Nightmare

I recently received an email highlighting a great infographic (published on the Education Database Online blog) on the subject of plastic recycling, or actually the lack of recycling.  The infographic highlights the detrimental effects of plastic and how recycling can make a difference.

From the EDO blog post;  “In today’s consumer world, plastic is everywhere—from plentiful stores of bottled water to disposable plasticware to the containers that hold our store-bought food. It seems like you can’t go out shopping without running into a good deal of plastic. And while this material is strong, reliable, and undoubtedly useful, we also may have way too much of the stuff that isn’t being reused. Recycling plastic uses much less energy than creating new plastic, and it conserves our valuable resources.  Despite this, however, only about a third of our material that could be recycled actually is.

Among younger generations, the problem of our over consumption of plastic has been prevalent for as long as some can remember, and yet little has changed or progressed in alleviating the problem. Statistically, people in the Millennial generation (today’s high schoolers, college students, and young adults) are much less likely to properly recycle plastic and other materials than those in older generations.

If you’re of student or Millennial age, take a look at the following infographic—the reality is that younger generations need to start getting serious about recycling, or the future will be robbed of some very valuable resources.”

From Allison who created the graphic; “The primary goal with these pieces is to be able to make a connection between visualization and learning. In other words, our hope is to be able to create informative and interesting resources for the greater online community”.

Beach Clean Saturday

A beach clean; a great way to give a little something back.  The 21st Keep Britain Tidy Fistral Beach Clean takes place on Saturday 30 June.

From Andy Heald the beach clean coordinator;

“We are cleaning this Saturday June 30th at the summer start time of 9am. I’m very pleased to welcome back the new Mayor of Newquay for this month’s clean.

May’s clean followed a weather pattern of Easterly’s & South Easterly’s with a period of relatively calm seas. The period of high pressure and little swell meant that there was a lower amount of litter on the beach. So we entered the dunes – a popular spot to view the sunsets and relax.

For the 9 volunteers, what we found in the dunes, was shocking. Firstly a warning – if you enter barefoot in the dunes (bearing in mind that they are ‘fenced off’) there is copious amounts of broken glass underfoot. We proceeded to find beer cans, broken bottles, ‘burning materials’ -including the birch wood planted to prevent sand drift, narcotic instruments, narcotics and sleeping materials. So we carted it all away – 10 bags in total.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday – and please feel free to bring friends, dogs and children.”


Ocean report – marine litter

From Surfrider Foundation Europe “Ocean Report – Marine Litter”, uploaded 20 September 2011.

Surfrider Foundation Europe –
Surfrider Foundation –

19th Fistral Beach clean

On Saturday 28 April 2012, the 19th Keep Britain Tidy Fistral Beach clean takes place.

From Andy Heald the beach clean coordinator;  “Thanks very much for the 20+ volunteers who attended the March clean. Seven full bags of litter, with the reappearance of seasonal litter (bbq’s, beer cans etc) a feature.

For the April clean I am happy to announce a revisit by the Mayor, Andy Hannan and the Newquay Lions. In addition to this, we are privileged to be part of Pirate FM’s Green Month. The Pirate FM radio crew and radio truck will be present on the day, joining us at South Fistral – Bodhi’s for the start, and welcoming us at the finish – North Fistral car park. Bodhi’s have kindly offered half price breakfast and drinks to all volunteers.

And the last piece of news, is the great reviews ‘Fistral Wreck’ is receiving at Galerie 17 in Fontainebleau, Paris. It is currently been exhibited alongside other work by the artist Davy Surier . The art piece has used different materials from two cleans made in 2011. It is expected to go on show in Newquay later this year.

I look forward to seeing you all on the 28th at 10am for a 10.15am start.”


Protecting what we love – please consider when on the beach or after surfing collecting a handful of rubbish and ditching it in the nearest bin.  As surfers let’s take the lead in caring for the ocean and our beaches.