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On the September 2014 Fistral Beach clean I was compelled to stop and watch this rather large group being taught to surf and I wondered if surfing would change any of their lives.

inkydeep - Fistral Beach Sept 2014

I was 29 years old when I took up surfing and it changed my life as it did to some of those close to me. In a short period of time the house in Essex was sold and the job in the City of London was left behind. A six month around the world surfing trip was followed by settling in Newquay, Cornwall. Surfing has since been a significant factor in my life.

As Utah was told in the film Point Break; “Surfin’s the source. It’ll change your life. Swear to God.”

Surfers Against Sewage’s annual Autumn Beach Clean starts on Friday 17 October and concludes on Sunday 19 October. These community events take place around the United Kingdom and are a great opportunity to help protect what we love as surfers and the beaches we leave our footprints on.

Kicking off at 16:00 on Saturday one of the beach cleans is at Newquay’s Great Western Beach. The meeting point before the beach clean is at the Great Western Hotel.

SAS Autumn Beach Clean - Great Western Oct 2014

Please get involved.

Surfers Against Sewage – Haunted Oceans Call For Helping Hands!

harshed everyone’s mellow

Suffering a minor inconvenience today I was reminded of a phrase that I read last year as part of a newspaper article.  I occasionally search for articles on surfing which might not be picked up by the surf media and then tweet about them on the inkydeep twitter page.

The article was about surfers being successful in stopping expanded repairs to a wall which would have impacted one of their local breaks; Ruggles, in Newport, Rhode Island.  The article titled “Surf fans win fight to stop Newport wall” was published in April 2013 in the Boston Globe;

“For weeks, the city has seen a growing swell of opposition to a state proposal to repair the walk in a way that residents said could have permanently altered the break of the waves, threatened undersea life, ruined the surfing, and harshed everyone’s mellow.”

It was the phrase “harshed everyone’s mellow” that caught my attention which I think would sit quite comfortably alongside other surfer slang and sayings; for example, when dropped in on, your response could be “Hey dude!, your harshing my mellow!”

Surfing Magazine’s Flipbooks

The recent article “I Am Very Mad At The Internet” in Surfing Magazine is a reminder of the wonderful flipbooks produced by the magazine.

The 2014 J-Bay Open Flipbook: “Where The Wild Things Are” is another excellent edition of the free flipbooks and a great record of the J-Bay event.

SurfingMagazine 2014 J-Bay Open

Sit back with a beverage of choice and mind surf the glorious rights of J-Bay.

Surfing Magazine published on Issuu –