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inkydeep… sound and vision

Daniel Avery – Knowing We’ll Be Here (KiNK Remix). Released on Soundcloud May 2014.


Demons Don’t Sleep – Troy Elomore. From Desillusion Magazine, released June 2014.
“Huntington Beach, California, another day in paradise, another night to let the demons speak.
The horizon is just one black mass, and the breeze that hits us in the face is like a draught coming through the gates of hell that the devil himself has just opened. Leaning against the front of the local liquor store, Troy Elmore is but a shadow. The neon lights toy with his silhouette. At only 23, he is one of the anti-heroes, born and bred in the USA as most of them are, bringing a heavy dose of spunk and demons to a surf industry, which continues to make money by selling dreams.
French photographer & Desillusion Magazine editor in chief, Sebastien Zanella spent an all night session walking around the city to hear the confessions of one of the most stylish longboarders of our time.”


Trentemoller – Deceive (featuring Sune Rose Wagner). Released September 2013.


A Pleasurable Experience by Korduroy TV. Released January 2014.
“Cyrus’ 4 day California road trip to get some waves during January 2014′s run of clean surf.”


Wolf Alice – Moaning Lisa Smile. Released on Soundcloud April 2014.


”Lemonyip Livin” Official Film 2014. Released on Vimeo June 2014.
“Journey deep within Ricardo Christie’s New Zealand bubble. Ricardo breaks out of his grind to go and enjoy some of his homeland’s magic! He is joined by his friends, Billy Stairmand, Andrew Mooney, Tim O’Connor and Albee Layer.”

“LEMONYIP LIVIN” Official Film 2014 from Owen Milne on Vimeo.

Surfer Toys Attack Teahupoo

In Karim Rejeb’s latest film we see his little plastic people surfing Teahupoo… what radical little dudes!

I previously blogged about Karim’s films ‘Perfect Holiday’ in July 2012 and ‘Lino’ and ‘My Toys’ in July 2010, all excellent surf flicks.

For your viewing and listening pleasure… 03/05/2014

Kasabian – Eez-eh. From the album 48:13, released June 2014.


Here Comes The Sun by Zodiac Media Production House. Released 29 April 2014.


Elephant – Assembly. From the album Sky Swimming released April 2014.


Gil Scott-Heron – The Bottle. From the album Winter In America, released 1974.


GoPro: Endless Barrels – GoPro of the Winter 2013-14 powered by Surfline. Released 25 April 2014. Be sure to watch in HD.


St. Vincent – Prince Johnny. From the album St. Vincent, released February 2014.

BeachCare’s Fistral Beach Clean

Today will see the 42nd Fistral Beach Clean kicking off at South Fistral beach at 10:15.  This monthly beach clean is run under Keep Britain Tidy’s BeachCare programme.  I am proud to have been there at the start and to have missed just five of the cleans.  It is my way of giving a little something back and protecting what I love.

BeachCare Fistral Beach Clean

In April 2012 I wrote a blog post titled “Protecting what we love“, the following is from that post;

“If we value our waves and beaches then we all have a part to play in preventing and removing the marine litter and rubbish from our beaches.  These are responsibilities of all who use our beaches and oceans; whether as a surfer or as someone who simply enjoys feeling sand between their toes.

As surfers we can lead the way and maybe others will take note of our actions and follow our example.  So why not at the end of your surf session when you are walking up the beach, stop and collect a handful of rubbish and ditch it into the nearest bin?  Just think what a powerful message and example that would be.”

BeachCare Fistral Beach Clean