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For your viewing and listening pleasure… 22 February Twenty Fourteen

Jagwar Ma – Uncertainty. From the album Howlin, released June 2013.


Looking Up by Ed Triglone. Released on Vimeo 6 January 2014.
“Footage from 2013 Bowlarama warmup”  A simply wonderful skateboarding video; brilliant skating and a cool soundtrack.


Real Estate – Talking Backwards. From the album Real Estate, released March 2014.


The National – I Need My Girl. From the album Trouble Will Find Me, released May 2013.


The Golden City by Mike Pagan. Released on Vimeo 12 January 2014.
“A road trip with Matt Pagan and Dayton Silva on a search for waves in “the Golden City”. Though we just missed the big swell that hit San Francisco, we definitely tried to make the best of it. Like cliché tourists, we visited the Golden Gate Bridge, stayed at the first Motel ever built in San Francisco and spent most of our time enjoying the breathtaking views the city has to offer. Even though we didn’t score many waves, it ended up being an awesome road trip with the boys.”


Bird’s Surf Shed by SnowGlobe Studios. Released on Vimeo 12 December 2013.
“Meet Eric “Bird” Huffman, one of San Diego’s most rooted surfers, who through his collection of boards, created what is now San Diego’s most authentic surf shop, “Bird’s Surf Shed.” Revealing what surfing means to him, Bird talks about his surfing style and why he will always have the need to surf. Today, Bird pays homage to the San Diego surf scene by operating Bird’s Surf Shed, a place where it’s all about creating a real surf shop environment and receiving nothing but good vibes. See why it has become a San Diego destination, and not just another surf shop.”

“I will never lose the stoke for surfing…”

Surf film ingredients…

Movies, documentaries, TV programmes and videos whether fiction or non fiction have the ability to stir our emotions, remind us of past experiences or even light the desire to do something different. The music that accompanies the film or video also plays a key part in enhancing the story, the action or the event taking place on the screen.

And so it is with surf films and videos; a surf video can evoke memories of a surfing experience, fire up the desire to travel, inspire you to improve your surfing or simply remind you why you surf and rekindle the stoke.

Peter Devries’ video ‘Wind + Rain’ reminds me of my own winter surfing experiences; a grey overcast canopy overhead, strong winds, cold rain, cold water, neoprene heavy and the ocean shades of gray and green. The head high surf is within my winter comfort zone and I could see myself dropping into these waves…

Wind + Rain by Peter Devries. Released January 2011.


I just don’t ever get tired of looking at this next video – J.O.B. First Look; it makes me glad that I surf and is a reminder of my dream to one day stand on the beach at Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu.

It reminds me of the joy of surfing in the warmth of a tropical ocean. The backing track is Beck’s ‘Missing (Heaven Hammer)’ which works so well in this video, providing a slow tempo to accompany the slow-motion footage of Jamie O’Brien surfing Pipe.

J.O.B. First Look by Vincent Laforet. Released October 2009.


What I love about this next video is that it makes me want to go surfing and is a reminder of the joy and delight to simply paddle, drop in, get in trim, glide and then just take in the wave. It also takes me back to summers past, sitting on a long board out back at North Watergate Bay in the late afternoon sunshine, warm blue water with the cliffs forming a dramatic backdrop. Simply wonderful.

Summer Fun (Sea Movies) by Released September 2011.


This post was written by inkydeep and published on the hickorynines web site in February 2012.

keeping it simple

The videos below remind me that surfing is about having fun and a good time.

The Life of Ply… It is very likely you have seen this delightful video but if you haven’t I think you are in for a real treat; ‘The Life of Ply’ is a short surf film from 2008 which features Dorothy (Dot) and Peter Long.

It was awarded ‘Most Inspirational Film’ at the 2008 Cornwall film festival’s Board Shorts – “A short tale of enduring stoke catalysed by prone surfing on a ply board”.

The Life of Ply is a gem and an inspirational surf film, feel the stoke…

Monsterboards… A wonderful film about Eef, a Dutch surfer who makes his own paipo type surfboards; “I really like small waves. I really, really like small waves” says Eef.

Watching and listening to Eef’s surf experience is a joy, warming and uplifting. He reminds us of the simple pleasures of surfing.

This post was written by inkydeep and published on the hickorynines site in February 2012.

For your viewing and listening pleasure… 31 08 2013

Sustenance by Matt Kleiner. Released August 2013.
“Comprised of seen and unseen extras from the feature film WAY OF THE OCEAN”


Tired Pony – All Things All At Once. From the album The Ghost of the Mountain, released August 2013.


El Sal Eterno by Ciranda Produções. Released May 2012.
“A tropical paradise with hot water that will no longer be only in memory to also gain eternity. Besides a lot of sea and perfect waves, the images bring a picture of the generosity of the people of El Salvador, which welcomes its visitors with great simplicity and hapiness to the original track of the film, produced by the producer Guilherme Aisenhaimer, the pianist and composer João Borghi and the composer Rodrigo Ribeiro, residents and exponents of the independent music scene of Curitiba.”


Phoenix – Trying To Be Cool. From the album Bankrupt!, released April 2013.


Smoke and Diamonds by Mike Pagan. Released August 2013.